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It was in 1980 that Guy Lévèque took over the family business started by his grandparents 1900. At that time there was only four hectares of grapevines in cultivation, with the wines in the vinified in the family basement.

In 1992, the domain was extended with the winery accounts for the year showing a total area of 800 m2. By 2009, the domain had expanded to 65 hectares of vines And it was it this point that Mr Leveque’s children joined their father in the family business and a new winery was created.

Since 2012, we farm over 80 hectares covering a wide variety of vines, which combined with our prized “terroir” (clay-limestone soil , ferro-siliceous sand, as well as a sandy lot) allow us to produce our broad selection of Touraine wines.

The grapes are harvested mechanically employing the latest blower system, from as early as 5 am in the morning, before being transported by stainless steel tucks with sealed covers designed to protect the grapes from oxidation.

The premier wines, the cuvé volupté (older harvest) and the créman de la Loire areharvested by hand before being pressed in a computerized horizontal press that ensure only the highest quality of wines. The winery is equipped with stainless steel vats that allow the fabrication of white wine, and fiberglass tanks are used for the vinification of red wine; the entire facility can hold up to 6500 hectoliters.

Whilst the vinification process is unchanged for more than a century the latest and the most sophisticated equipment allows us to refine this process, we practice thermo-vinification and thermoregulation, in order to ensure highest quality wines.



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